Welcome To PVZ Hacking Page! If you Can't Find any of these. This is Your link!

Sun Hack (4 Bytes)Edit

Works For Original PVZ And PVZ GOTY

  1. When in the game. Type "50" (Your starting Sun) And click First Scan.
  2. Spend Some sun On Something that cost "25" (Potato Mine. ETC) Or get More sun.
  3. Search 25 Or 75 Or What your sun Says.
  4. Change the Value To 9990 And freeze
  5. Done!

Coins Hack (4 Bytes) Edit

WARNING: Delete the Addresses quickly or Else the Game Crashes And Never open it Again for A certain Time! Restart Your computer If you Forgot to Do this!

  1. Search Your Coins And Make sure There is no Last "0"
  2. Buy Something (Like. Tree Food. Fertilizer. ETC.)
  3. Search the new Amount of Coins you Have and Make Sure There is no Last "0"
  4. Change to 999999999 And freeze and delete The Addresses quickly

Plants Recharge InstantlyEdit

  1. Go to memory Viewer and select an Address And Go to 00491E4C
  2. Change 24 to 48
  3. Done

This only Works for PVZ GOTY. Original PVZ Hack coming soon