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This is the new wiki for cheat engine. The old wiki was shut down, this is the new one.

A Warning to Trolls

Penalties for trolling and vandalism:

  • If you add non working hacks you will receive a warning the first time, and a 1 day ban for repeated violations. If you do this a lot it will be treated as spamming.
  • If you are spamming (posting random things at fast intervals) you will receive a warning the first time, after that you will be blocked for x weeks, where x is the amount of times you have spammed times 2.
  • If you vandalize you will be blocked for 1 month the 1st time, 3 months the 2nd time, and 1 year for 3+ times. Each edit counts as one time for this. The difference between vandalism and spamming is that vandalism is editing the page and spamming is posting comments.
  • Offensive or insulting vandalism or spam will count as two offenses for the corresponding punishment
  • If you are disrespectful of the moderators you will be blocked for 1 month your first and second time and 3 months for 3+ times.
  • Begging will be treated as spam.
  • You can be banned for any reason, for any amount of time if the moderators do not like what you are doing.
  • If you abuse your privileges you will be demoted for minor abuse and perma banned for major abuse.
  • If there is excessive vandalism and/or spam on a page it will be protected.
  • Vandalism or spam on protected pages will result in double block duration.
  • All punishments are given out by moderator discretion. They may be increased or decreased based on the severity of the infringement.


Any of the hacks here can get you banned, only do this if you have another account or if you are willing to be banned.

Request hacks for games by commenting on the request page.

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